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The DMS Product

The Dynafact Manufacturing System (DMS) is a fully integrated advanced planning, scheduling, and shop floor execution system.  It has been designed to bolt onto existing MRP and ERP systems or function as a stand-alone technology to replace manual processes and/or other infinite capacity scheduling systems. The tool sets in DMS enable companies to maximize profitability by managing shop resources to best global output performances. The DMS sweet spot is its capability to model very complex shop environments and give the tools required to perform quick simulations in order to determine key production questions such as:    


  1. Can we take on new work and meet the delivery requirements?  
  2. Do we have overall shop capacity and capacity in our special skill sets that are required in order to deliver on time?  
  3. What is the best recovery plan for a machine breakdown, emergency work interruption etc?  
  4. What recovery plan is at the minimal cost to our company?  

In essence the DMS system gives you the tools required to lean out your shop by letting you focus on the true “Value drivers”!  



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Customers using current  scheduling software:
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