About Dynafact

Dynafact is dedicated to helping organizations Increase Throughput and Reduce Waste! We achieve this goal by working closely with our customers to understand their needs, develop viable solutions and to ensure that every deployment is a great success! This philosophy has helped us create an intuitive and powerful Advanced Planning and Scheduling solution that has been designed for the 'real world' challenges of complex environments. Our steadfast dedication to developing what our customers want has helped them become industry leaders!

The founders/owners have over 50 years of combined experience in providing software and consulting solutions to manufacturing companies. We have architected and written industry leading products and have led countless successful deployment projects that have helped our customers greatly improve productivity. Customers view DMS and the support from the professionals at Dynafact as a distinct competitive advantage!

Support and service excellence

We have earned the respect, trust and loyalty of our customers across North America. We are here to help you succeed in today’s world wide competitive market and we are always prepared to go the extra distance!


We are a lean organization and provide top level skills, maintenance and quality software for an excellent price.

Partners for success

Our development is driven by the needs of our customers. It is our job to provide the tools required to manage a customer’s business the way they need to in order to be successful! We are committed to learning and understanding what our customers need through user group meetings, joint action development (JAD) and spending time on site to get a true picture of the requirements.